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Everyone knows that exercise, adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and stress

reduction are good for our bodies. There are also habits that are good for

our brains. The right kind of mental activity, social engagement, and

brain-specific exercises can help aging brains stay healthy and injured

brains heal faster.

How can we keep our brains and our minds the best they can be?

The Brain Fit Club was developed with this question in mind. Because it’s
important for people of all ages and mental capacities to keep their brains

fit, we developed services that are individually tailored to each person’s

need. Some might benefit from participating in computer-based

training programs, while others may find that mindfulness meditation or tai

chi will help their brains stay strong. When you come in for your initial

assessment, we’ll be sure to develop a program that’s right for you.

Our Approach: As a Brain Fit Club member, you will start with a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation. The team will then develop an individualized plan based on your brain health profile. Your success is continuously monitored and your plan adapted to accommodate your changing needs.